Re: default theme consensus

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 14:30, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> It'd be nice if one of Calum, Seth or Bryan[1] had a quick look at both
> and gave their opinion.

Well, having only looked at it on my laptop display, Indubstrial is
slightly more to my taste... the checkbox menu items are a little more
polished (although radiobutton menu items seem to be chopped by a pixel
at the bottom and right), and buttons generally feel better-proportioned
and less in-your-face, while still being obviously buttons. And I've
always preferred rounded buttons anyway :)

On the flipside, the scrollbuttons are possibly a touch on the small
side (Glider's seem to be a little bigger, or maybe that's just an
optical illusion), I can maybe imagine the pale thin borders causing
some people problems, and the shading on Glider's buttons looks a little
better to me-- Indubstrial's bottom/right shadow somehow makes buttons
look a slightly odd shape to me, and on my display at least the top/left
edges don't appear to be correspondingly brighter, all of which I find
slightly distracting.

If you're forcing me to pick one, I'd probably say Indubstrial anyway
though, just because it's less fussy overall.


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