Re: ngettext revisited


Same question as last time, is there some gnome module really low in the
dependency stack (intltools comes to mind) which checks if ngettext is
available? There isn't much point in duplicating a check for ngettext in
all the apps/libs using it imo.


> So here we are again, with the GNOME 2.4 release behind us and GNOME 2.5
> ahead. Since everyone has agreed in the past that we want to use
> ngettext at some point, and that basically everyone has agreed that
> GNOME 2.5 would be the right time for that, I thought I'd remind people
> about the issue.
> Many bug reports about unresolved ngettext issues in the GNOME desktop
> and developer platform are linked from the main tracking bug report
> but for your
> convinience I'm also listing them here:
> Module		Bug Link
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> file-roller
> gdm
> gnome-applets
> gnome-terminal
> gnome-utils
> libgtop
> nautilus
> system-monitor
> drwright
> gnome-vfs
> There's possibly also more instances where ngettext might be needed but
> that haven't been reported yet. But this list should be a start.
> Christian
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