Re: ngettext revisited

уторак, 30. септембар 2003. 20:34:10 CEST — Christophe Fergeau написа:
Same question as last time, is there some gnome module really low in
the dependency stack (intltools comes to mind) which checks if
ngettext is available? There isn't much point in duplicating a check
for ngettext in all the apps/libs using it imo.

I don't think you consider a check to be a problem (Adding


to or doesn't seem like a big deal), but
rather, you want to make it run even if there isn't ngettext.

This seems to be contradicting to me. I.e. you want some "essential"
part of Gnome to require ngettext (meaning it won't work without it), yet one line is too much for you to achieve that same goal ;-)

This one line is all you need to do to get over with it. If there's no ngettext, you're done, no need to check for anything else. Build fails.

Sure, it would be nicer if we wouldn't have 10 of these lines, but just one of those in one module, but I cannot see how this is any different for you as an application developer -- if you depend on it being there, you depend on it, regardless of where it is checked for.

If it's too much of maintainance work for you, I'll gladly apply for keeping up that one line in :-)


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