Re: ngettext revisited

tis 2003-09-30 klockan 20.34 skrev Christophe Fergeau:
> Same question as last time, is there some gnome module really low in the
> dependency stack (intltools comes to mind) which checks if ngettext is
> available? There isn't much point in duplicating a check for ngettext in
> all the apps/libs using it imo.
> > Many bug reports about unresolved ngettext issues in the GNOME desktop
> > and developer platform are linked from the main tracking bug report
> >

The bug report above also mentions the glib one, The idea is to have
glib require ngettext, but that won't be until after GTK+ 2.4 is
released as mentioned in the report.

For now, the check needs to be in all the apps/libs. gnome-games for
example does this:

/* Define a sensible alternative to ngettext if we don't have it. Note that
 * this is only sensible in the context of same-gnome. */
#define ngettext(one,lots,n) gettext(lots)

/* ... and then ngettext is used: */

b = g_strdup_printf (ngettext ("%d stone selected", "%d stones
selected", tagged_count), tagged_count);


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