Re: new menu spec in 2.6

An, 2003-09-30 20:47, Damian Christey rašė:
> I don't see any reason to distinguish between Favorites and bookmarks. 
> Being able to get to your bookmarks from Gnome's main menu would be
> Really Cool(tm) in my opinion.
>   Further more, I don't see why every application (looking at you,
> Nautilus) should have to keep it's own set of bookmarks.
> One bookmark/menu specification to rule them all!

No, they are different kinds of bookmarks:

In Nautilus, bookmarks is a set of directories I go often to: /mnt/data,
/tmp, /var/www, /usr/src etc.
In gconf-editor, bookmarks are a few gconf paths where I often want to
look at: /apps/panel/profiles/default, /app/gnome-terminal/profiles/mud
In gtranslator, eclipse or other editors/IDEs you can set a bookmark to
a line in some file which needs reviewing or what you copy/paste

Those are not related together, and browser bookmarks are yet another
thing -- a large collection of links compared to a handful in other
apps. Unless you have a category 'gconf-editor' and make it hidden from
all other apps except gconf-editor. But what's the point of shared
bookmarks then?


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