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Am 24.09.2003 10:51:57 schrieb(en) Ross Burton:
On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 00:12, Guido Schimmels wrote:
> Because those 50M is not the download size of the fixed apps, but
> results from the chain reaction triggered by the uncounted cross-
> dependencies of Debian's messed up dependency graph. That is one of
> reasons for the increasing popularity of source based distros. Of
> course source based distros are like waving the white flag and admit

> that Linux is doomed a geek toy.

Erm, what are you smoking?

If the ABI of a library changes, everything which links to it needs to
be recompiled.

...which in turn means you have to recompile a lot of other things which depend on it. There are library to library dependencies, not only library to application dependencies. And with a source based distro you can limit such library to library to dependencies to your personal needs.

Having a source-based distribution may cure cancer
end world poverty, but it will not remove the fact that if a library
changes ABI, all applications which link to it need to be recompiled.

Of course, ABI changes don't happen often.  For example, a new zlib
released not too long ago (last year?) which fixed a major security
hole. This did not change ABI. This did not force a recompile of all
software which would have lead to a huge download. It resulted in a
small download for a single library, which fixed all software.  Try
doing that with a library which is contained inside each and every
AppFolder you have installed.

I'm getting sick of this strawman argument. Yeah, statically linking zlib, libpng etc. would be silly. Where did I advocate something like that? A 300M base system, a 300M base system, a 300M base system...

Please read the Cinelerra installation instructions and then tell me if they are out of their mind. Or maybe, just maybe, have valid reasons. What counts is that I can rely on my applications __now__ . When the apps you are using are so hopelessly broken, that you expect having to upgrade them weekly, that really should make you think. Considering the codesize of OpenOffice, you should have to download a security patch almost daily. Why is this not the case? But suddenly, if I link fribidi statically into Abiword, you folks want to make me believe there is some dramatic probability my users will have to upgrade the whole of Abiword because of a security hole found in fribidi. The 4M application executable obviously is next to immune to vulnerabilities. But the moment you split a few functions out into a library, somehow magically the code of this new library experiences a 1000 fold increased likelyhood of buffer overflows.

No distributor is able to QA thousands of libraries. I would like to know what __you__ are smoking if you believe that. I know I will trust the application developer more to offer me a working package than some underpaid packaging monkeys.

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