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Am 23.09.2003 14:25:45 schrieb(en) Matthew Berg:
On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 08:15, Guido Schimmels wrote:

The biggest issue, IMHO, with bundled libraries isn't a matter of
or memory; it's updates.  Is it really in the best interest of
to have to wait for a half dozen applications to be repackaged because
hole was found in libhippityhooplah?

I'll repeat my claim that 90% of libraries are not used by more than 1- 3 apps. Only of those I'm talking. When there are 6 apps using a library, 2 of them will break when you upgrade the library. Fact of life. How do distributors solve this problem traditionally? Upgrade those 2 apps together with the library. Result:

apt-get evolution == apt-get dist-upgrade

And that is better? Regular 100M downloads are not so nice for modem users, which are, on a world-wide scale, the vast majority.

And security holes almost always only affect commandline tools and popular shared libraries. How does a remote exploit for GIMP look like?

I'd also wonder how you're supposed to handle things like menu

You start apps by clicking on them in the file-manager. Resting the mouse-pointer of the appdir reveals the tool-tip. Right-click over the appdir and select "Info" for further details. That's how ROX-Filer does it.
In other words with appdirs and a decent file-manager  *.desktop files
are redundant.

gconf keys, mime info, help files, etc...  How do they get registered
the first place, and how do they get cleaned up when the application
goes away?

Each ROX-appdir comes with a startup-script (AppRun). In there you can check for these things and issue the necessary commands on first- launch. Global gconf keys may be usefull to enforce a corporate policy. Outside of this realm what's the point. Of course you can always make the script prompt for the root password. Also works for the mime- database. How I deal with help files I have already answered somewhere else in this thread.
Cleaning up? For ROX-apps: rm -r ~Choices/<Appname>.
That is why hiding the settings is __BAD__.

Even if in some cases drag&drop alone is not enough. What good does spreading out the guts of an office suite all over the disk do?

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