Re: spatial stuff detail

Guido Schimmels wrote:

I'll repeat my claim that 90% of libraries are not used by more than 1- 3 apps. Only of those I'm talking. When there are 6 apps using a library, 2 of them will break when you upgrade the library. Fact of life. How do distributors solve this problem traditionally? Upgrade those 2 apps together with the library.

Or how about using libtool versioning?

Cleaning up? For ROX-apps: rm -r ~Choices/<Appname>.
That is why hiding the settings is __BAD__.

Dad: "Hm... what's this Choices folder?" (looks)
Dad: "Huh? It's full of confusing files. Why do I need this?" (hits Delete)

This is not the only example. A lot people randomly delete important/unknown folders. A friend of mine ended up saving all his documents in C:\Program Files\Windows System Drivers just to prevent his dad from randomly deleting them. Of course, he made sure that his dad understand that if you mess with drivers you will mess up your computer. If he didn't explain that, his dad will have undoubtedly deleted that folder too.

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