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On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 00:12, Guido Schimmels wrote:
> Because those 50M is not the download size of the fixed apps, but  
> results from the chain reaction triggered by the uncounted cross- 
> dependencies of Debian's messed up dependency graph. That is one of the  
> reasons for the increasing popularity of source based distros. Of  
> course source based distros are like waving the white flag and admit  
> that Linux is doomed a geek toy.

Erm, what are you smoking?

If the ABI of a library changes, everything which links to it needs to
be recompiled.  Having a source-based distribution may cure cancer and
end world poverty, but it will not remove the fact that if a library
changes ABI, all applications which link to it need to be recompiled.

Of course, ABI changes don't happen often.  For example, a new zlib was
released not too long ago (last year?) which fixed a major security
hole. This did not change ABI. This did not force a recompile of all
software which would have lead to a huge download. It resulted in a
small download for a single library, which fixed all software.  Try
doing that with a library which is contained inside each and every
AppFolder you have installed.

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