Re: Application menu.

> On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 14:35, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > How about using the application icon instead of a label ? 
> > I think this is not uncommon on other platforms. 
> > (I'm seeing it at least in ClearQuest, Opera and Excel on this Windows
> > machine)
> I think the reasoning behind this is What keyboard shortcut do you use
> for it?

There are three different answers for the 3 examples I cited above...

Excel: the menu is not reachable via the keyboard, you can bring the focus
to the menubar using
Alt or F10, but the image menu item is skipped when using arrows to move the
focus around in the menubar.

ClearQuest: using alt or F10 to bring the focus to the menubar focuses the
image menu item, but you can't see that, since it doesn't look depressed. Not
ideal either.

Opera: using alt (F10 doesn't work) to bring the focus to the menubar
focuses the "File" menu item, but you can use the left arrow to move the focus to
the image menu item, and it does look depressed then. Good.

If we follow the Opera model, the opening the image menu will amount to
<whatever key focuses the menubar><left><down>.


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