Re: Volume handling proposal

> > Finally, I think that the "Location" entry should in fact be a sub-menu
> > enabling you to browse the file-system from /home/yourself.
> However, i'm not sure about this. These menus could become enourmous,
> and very hard to browse. Its also not really possible to select a
> directory in this model. You can't select object with subdirectories. So
> you can't even use it to go to home. Plus, it sort of goes against the
> spatial model doesn't it? Not horribly so I guess, but still. Its 

I see your point and you're right. However, a possible solution would be
to have an "open" entry at the beginning of each sub-menu.

For example, you would have:

Home -> Open
        Photos    -> Open
        Music        Ireland   -> Open
        Videos       France       Cork

But you're right when you say that you might have loads of files/folders
in some sub-menus. Maybe showing only folders could solve that ?
However, when you say that it goes against the spatial model, I'd say
that, on the contrary, it complements it. I mean that having an easy and
quick way to reach a nested folder would avoid having to open bunches of
windows and then close them.

> > So, we would have:
> > 
> > Go ->
> >        	Home -> browses /home/yourself
> > 	Trash -> browses trash://
> > 	---------------------------------------
> > 	Floppy Drive (always) -> browses /mnt/floppyX if mounted
> >         Dvd Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
> >         Cdrom Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
> >         Digital Camera (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> > 	USB Storage media (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> > 	Any mounted network place -> browses /mnt/netX
> >         ---------------------------------------
> >         Network browser -> launches network://
> > 
> > In fact, this "Go" menu would simply be a representation of your desktop
> > plus the network browser. That means that if you have files/folders on
> > your desktop, they should appear in it as well.
> I think the desktop icons + "computer" + "network" would work.
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