Re: Volume handling proposal

> I agree with the idea of putting a "Go" menu in the panel but I don't
> agree with the layout of this menu.

Well that layout was something I had come up with previously and I
didn't really adapt it to the recent discussions. My main point was that
it would be better to use a menu than have a "Computer" menu item in
applications. So I think that Alexander's description of Computer would
also apply to the menu:

"The Computer location will contain all the items on the desktop, plus
filesystem (/) and a link to "Network". It will also contain all
removable media devices that doesn't have media mounted, and will
allow them to be mounted if there is no support for
auto-detecting-and-mounting. It might be a good idea if just clicking
on an unmounted icon here tried to mount it before opening.
Basically, "Computer" a sort of user-level root where you can get to
all the usable mounts in the system. " 

> For me, CD Creator should not be there. Clicking on "Cdrom Driver"
> should open the "CD creator" if the CD Rom is writable (not necessarily
> empty).


> Also, "printers" and "fonts" shouldn't be there. They definitely belong
> to a kind of control center because they are not really locations. The
> fact that you can drop fonts to the fonts:// vfs doesn't justify its
> presence in the go menu IMO. And for the same reason, there shouldn't be
> a "themes" entry in this menu.

Agreed - Printers really should be handled in the control center since
you cant do anything useful with them in a file view really.

> Finally, I think that the "Location" entry should in fact be a sub-menu
> enabling you to browse the file-system from /home/yourself.

Well the reason I originally had that in there was that I think that
Go-> on the panel should be the same as the one in nautilus, and it is
pretty useful to be able to jump straight to a location that you know.
Hopefully the need for this will be gone with these new changes. 

> So, we would have:
> Go ->
>        	Home -> browses /home/yourself
> 	Trash -> browses trash://
> 	---------------------------------------
> 	Floppy Drive (always) -> browses /mnt/floppyX if mounted
>         Dvd Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
>         Cdrom Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
>         Digital Camera (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> 	USB Storage media (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> 	Any mounted network place -> browses /mnt/netX
>         ---------------------------------------
>         Network browser -> launches network://
> In fact, this "Go" menu would simply be a representation of your desktop
> plus the network browser. That means that if you have files/folders on
> your desktop, they should appear in it as well.
> What do you think of that ?

I agree except two things:
* What about / ? It should probably be in there
* Only showing inserted items relies on magicdev - they should be there
all the time like alex said about "Computer". For two reasons - the
"Disks" item in the desktop context menu has to go, and having you menus
changing depending on what is in the drives is very bad and confusing.

Another thing to keep in mind is consistency with the tree view in the
navigation browser and in the file selector.

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
Jabber:	sisob_AT_jabber_DOT_org

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