Re: Volume handling proposal

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 15:34, Julien Olivier wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 14:28, Mark Finlay wrote:
> > > Note that this does not include the root, nor "Computer". I think
> > > these are not used often enough to require a desktop icon.
> > 
> > One option is to have a Computer/System/Go menu on the menu panel
> > something like this:
> > 
> > Go ->
> > 	Location
> > 	----------------------------
> > 	Network
> > 	Cd Creator
> > 	Fonts
> > 	Printers
> > 	-----------------------------
> > 	Floppy Drive
> > 	Dvd Drive
> > 	Cdrom Drive
> > 	Digital Camera
> > 	-----------------------------
> > 	Trash
> > 
> I agree with the idea of putting a "Go" menu in the panel but I don't
> agree with the layout of this menu.
> For me, CD Creator should not be there. Clicking on "Cdrom Driver"
> should open the "CD creator" if the CD Rom is writable (not necessarily
> empty).
> Also, "printers" and "fonts" shouldn't be there. They definitely belong
> to a kind of control center because they are not really locations. The
> fact that you can drop fonts to the fonts:// vfs doesn't justify its
> presence in the go menu IMO. And for the same reason, there shouldn't be
> a "themes" entry in this menu.

I agree with this. 

> Finally, I think that the "Location" entry should in fact be a sub-menu
> enabling you to browse the file-system from /home/yourself.

However, i'm not sure about this. These menus could become enourmous,
and very hard to browse. Its also not really possible to select a
directory in this model. You can't select object with subdirectories. So
you can't even use it to go to home. Plus, it sort of goes against the
spatial model doesn't it? Not horribly so I guess, but still. Its 

> So, we would have:
> Go ->
>        	Home -> browses /home/yourself
> 	Trash -> browses trash://
> 	---------------------------------------
> 	Floppy Drive (always) -> browses /mnt/floppyX if mounted
>         Dvd Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
>         Cdrom Drive (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/cdromX
>         Digital Camera (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> 	USB Storage media (if inserted/mounted) -> browses /mnt/usbX
> 	Any mounted network place -> browses /mnt/netX
>         ---------------------------------------
>         Network browser -> launches network://
> In fact, this "Go" menu would simply be a representation of your desktop
> plus the network browser. That means that if you have files/folders on
> your desktop, they should appear in it as well.

I think the desktop icons + "computer" + "network" would work.

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