Re: Temujin


In general, I agree with you (and Richard) - GNOME and free software
should really be carefull about images and stereotypes. I just wanted to
point out that the image of the Temujin today, in 2003, is not nearly AS
bad a the image of Hitler, Stalin, etc (though any of these images are
about force, violence, great empires,...). It is not so bad - just
because of the time difference.

> Well, I personally think that about WWII we should not forget - but you
> are right a lot of people will.
I think that it is good that people can forget. Just imagine French
people remembering all the horrors of the Hundred Years' war (and really
HATING UK for it with all their hearts). I lived in the Soviet Union
where the word "German" was synonim to "enemy" (I remember it from our
child games) - luckily this changed years ago. If humankind would "save"
all these bad memories - it would be very unpleasant world to live in.

> Maybe you think that this is stupid but history is still alive.
Sure it is alive. The history which is only 50 years old - really alive.
Probably, you can even find some people with personal feelings about
some events which happened 100 and 150 years ago.

> So please don't name good things with names like "Temujin"
If you want to show how STRONG, FAST and OVERCOMING (and VIOLENT and
RUDE to some extent:) something is - you can. But it is not the image
GNOME wants, is it? BTW, it is really interesting question to discuss -
what would be the image GNOME wants to have? Something pink, fluffy and
sweet? Something strict, cold, cool and stylish? Anything else?

> Well Temujin died in 1227 :).
I know. That is why it was so strange to hear someone with personal
discomfort about that name.

> I hope that not your forefather burned Krakow... ;-) [2]
:) God knows. Thanks for the interesting links anyway.



PS I don't comment on the American sense of history - it is proven to be
a bit ... "strange" so many times...

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