Re: Temujin

В ?? 15.09.2003, в 03:38, Sergey V. Oudaltsov пишет:
> Marcin
> In general, I agree with you (and Richard) - GNOME and free software
> should really be carefull about images and stereotypes. I just wanted to
> point out that the image of the Temujin today, in 2003, is not nearly AS
> bad a the image of Hitler, Stalin, etc (though any of these images are
> about force, violence, great empires,...). It is not so bad - just
> because of the time difference.
> > Well, I personally think that about WWII we should not forget - but you
> > are right a lot of people will.
> I think that it is good that people can forget. Just imagine French
> people remembering all the horrors of the Hundred Years' war (and really
> HATING UK for it with all their hearts). I lived in the Soviet Union
> where the word "German" was synonim to "enemy" (I remember it from our
> child games) - luckily this changed years ago. If humankind would "save"
> all these bad memories - it would be very unpleasant world to live in.
Sergey, the key word here is 'to forgive' but not 'to forget'. We should
forgive nationalities, but never forget bloody politicals. I don't
understand your ond other people arguments about hatred between Russian
and German, Chech and Austrian and so on. I have no hatred to German,
French, Sweden, Mongol (with all these nationalities Russia had wars).
But I have no reason to love all these nationality leaders with blood on
their hands.

> > Well Temujin died in 1227 :).
> I know. That is why it was so strange to hear someone with personal
> discomfort about that name.
Because he was maniac, sadist and so on. Yes, all history is not very
human, but some persons are symbols of violence even in their time.


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