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On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 11:55, Marcin Antczak wrote:
> Yesterday I installed Windows XP on my system which is (I know it is 
> very old...) PII 400 MHz,RAM 512 MB, HDD ATA100 Barracuda IV, Nvidia
> Gforce2...
> And what can I say - I was shocked how smooth it runs...
> I is a lot faster than my rather fresh Gnome Desktop - ewerything taken
> from Matt's apt repository and Rawhide (distribution is RH 9 but almost
> everyting is upgraded).

Personally I'm shocked at how bad the recent nVidia drivers are on
"slower" systems.  I have a Athlon 2000+XP and a GeForce2 MX, and
recently upgraded from nvidia 2xxx (can't recall exact version) to the
latest release (44xx?) and was disgusted at how much slower it is.  I
recommend everyone who uses the nVidia drivers digs out a copy of the
older drivers (2xxx or 3xxx) and see if they improve performance.

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