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W liście z śro, 10-09-2003, godz. 04:06, Rob Adams pisze: 
> I've never seen that before, but presumably it's a metacity bug.  Please
> report bugs at

Speaking about windows....

I know that this is propably wrong place to talk about XFree86 but...

Yesterday I installed Windows XP on my system which is (I know it is 
very old...) PII 400 MHz,RAM 512 MB, HDD ATA100 Barracuda IV, Nvidia

And what can I say - I was shocked how smooth it runs...
I is a lot faster than my rather fresh Gnome Desktop - ewerything taken
from Matt's apt repository and Rawhide (distribution is RH 9 but almost
everyting is upgraded).

And I don't mean that system is faster - applications need some time to
do things too - but what I can say is that just "window" experience is

Redrawing is ten times faster than in XFree... My english is too poor to
describe this right now but I hope you know what I mean.

In Xfree when I resize windows I can see that contents of windows are
scaled and this doesn't look good. Frame of window flickers and this is

What can I do to speed up XFree?

Is there for example to turn off showing windows content when resizing
window? (In Windows there is such option and when it is turned on then
we can see only a frame of window and content is scaled when size is
accepted - enter or mouse button up).

What about cursors in Gnome 2.4?

And speaking about Gnome 2.4 now...

Congratulations to developers but please do something with Nautilus...
I't is much faster then ever but please go and see Windows Explorer this
is how Nautilus fast should be.

Marcin Antczak <marcin antczak e-dev pl>

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