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I've never seen that before, but presumably it's a metacity bug.  Please
report bugs at


On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Damien Covey wrote:

> Not sure if this is the right list to be asking these questions.
> I am having issues with with window focus when trying to alt-tab or
> atl-esc between windows.
> Alt-Tab bring up in the middle of the screen the list of windows, and
> cycles through them as I continue to press tab, it also brings up the
> outline of the window that would be switched to.  However, when I
> release the alt key that window does not recieve any focus.  It simply
> stays in the state as described, with the frame highlighted and list in
> the middle of the screen.
> Atl-esc is behaving similarly.  When I alt-esc between windows, they are
> raised to the surface but when I relase the alt key, focus is not taken.
> Also, when I cycle between destops using ctrl-atl-arrow the list of
> destops that comes up in the middle of the screen does not go away until
> I either click on something, or press alt again.
> All of the above seem to have something to do with the system not
> recognising that I have let go of the alt key.  Not sure really, but
> that does somewhat account for the behavour.
> I'm running latest Gnome from
>  This has been present
> sice I started using 2.3 around 2.3.3.  Probably should have reported
> this earlier.  So now that I've said all that, does anyone have any idea
> what might be going on?  Is it likely to be a gnome bug, or more likely
> to be a Damien bug ;)
> Cheers
> --
> Damien
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