Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

> 3. My idea is to create something _powerful_ and easy to use.
> Something what will provide fast installation but still provide high
> level of optimalization.
> The only solution I can see right now is specialized web frontend and
> powerfull engine to create specialized shell scripts based on user
> options.

Have you ever considered gentoo ( It looks like
it could mostly achieve what you are looking for (except that it is a
full linux distro, not a GNOME distro).


> I just think that if we have Desktop Environment then this is targeted
> for all kind of users but for beginners too.

A beginner will use its distro binary packages...

> I think that specialized installation and builing system for Desktop
> Environment is very important - and this is not a beginning of flame
> war.

How many people would benefit from that? Ie how many people would want
to build from source while using specific build options and not wanting
to fiddle too much with configure and stuff? I believe most of those
people are already using gentoo or a similar distro.


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