Re: GnomeVFS backend for GtkFileChooser

Le jeu 30/10/2003 à 12:35, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> What are you talking about?
> The GtkFileSystem interface clearly is only for implementing the file
> chooser. Its also a very very small piece of code (essentially just a
> header) that clearly shouldn't be in its own library.  
> And what would renaming gnome-vfs achieve?

Well, if GtkFileSystem is moved to glib, it becomes more of a general fs
interface than a specialized GtkFileChooser fs wrapper. Stuff in glib
has a wide audience.
Renaming gnome-vfs to gtk-vfs wasn't serious, but just to show that such
an interface implementation (in the simple posix case) would end up
duplicating parts of gnome-vfs.
Even the GtkFileSystem interface itself would probably look a lot like
gnome_vfs_directory_open() and friends. Once we have something like the
directory handling part of gnome-vfs in a low layer such a glib, why not
adding the rest ?

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