Re: Gnome desktop files doesn't follow the freedesktop standards

Jeff Waugh wrote:
1 is kinda ugly. 2 may have i18n issues (mostly because it's just
string concatenation, without any consideration of i18n). 3 might
seem like we're throwing away the GenericName goal to some people,
but... If you have two browsers installed, and we can assume that the
user chose to do that (any sane distro or admin provided system would
only have one), we could also assume that they know their names. It
also avoids i18n issues.

While one is ugly (people could probably get used to it, like they
got/are getting used to GenericName), it's also the only option that can
really convey that a user has two different applications for doing the
same thing.  I agree with your assertion that joe user will probably
know about the two browsers he has installed though. Not that my opinion should matter at all (I'm sorry for writing this, please don't hate me).

NAME                   |  INITIAL REACTION
Epiphany Web Browser   |  An application for Epiphany-style Web Browsing
                       |  (one can assume ``Epiphany'' is used as an
                       |  adjective)
Epiphany               |  Application does something relating to A
                       |  church festival celebrated on the 6th of
                       |  January, and it's in the ``Internet''
                       |  category
Web Browser (Epiphany) |  ``Epiphany'' used in apposition as if to
                       |  answer ``Which web browser?''

Robert McMeekin <rrm3 rrm3 org>

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