Re: Proposing gnome-backgrounds for Inclusion in 2.6

On 28 Oct 2003, Christian Rose wrote:

> > > > Note: Gnome-backgrounds may be renamed to gnome-wallpapers at some
> > > > probably need to talk to the documentation team.
> > >
> > > (FWIW, that makes sense to me, if we go with 'wallpaper' in the UI.)
> >
> > Just a thought - before you had a computer, did you ever change your
> > "wallpaper" on your "desktop"?  That is confusing to users, in my
> > experience.  Maybe background is fine after all?
> If you want to propose changes to the current GNOME terminology, please
> do that on the gnome-doc-list.

That wasn't the goal, really.  The thought occurred to me in the context of
the conversation and I think it applies more to the people implementing the
interface - are they checking some master location for GNOME terminology?  I
wasn't aware there was one and you didn't reference it.  gnome-doc-list is
copied on this.

Anyway, in my experience in consulting and sysadmin'ing, people tend to get
confused when you tell them to change their wallpaper.  It is easily cleared
up by restating it as "desktop background".  Others may have experience that
is different.

Erick Woods
erick gnomepro com

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