Re: GNOME 2.4.1 and 2.5 schedule

Op za 04-10-2003, om 12:22 schreef Kjartan Maraas:
> lør, 04.10.2003 kl. 02.49 skrev Callum:
> > > > And in my left ear, I hear Alex complaining about the size of the
> > > > tarball :)

> > 
> What about removing po/*.gmo from the tarball? Is there really a reason
> to include these in packages at all? They are rebuilt anyways if
> missing.

A decrease in size of 15% to 20% is possible if you delete the .gmo
files in the tarballs.
As an experiment the gmo files were deleted from the gnumeric tarballs.
Nobody noticed they were gone.
So there is really no reason to distribute them in tarballs.
I've mentioned this before, here in this mailing list but the message
seems to have been lost in the swarm of mails. Only Havoc replied and
asked how to not make them build automatically.


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