Re: PROPOSAL: Evolution for GNOME 2.6

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com> writes:

> The Evolution team would like to formally propose Evolution
> ( for inclusion in the GNOME 2.6
> Desktop release.

Just to remind everyone of one issue that should be taken into
account: Evolution is huge addition for translation.

Luckily, Evolution is also one of the better translated modules in
Gnome CVS with a total of 28 translations having more than 80% of
strings translated -- number of messages is around 6400, not counting
gtkhtml, gal etc.).

Other problem is that current status pages show evolution-1-4 branch, 
and I don't think any translator has followed HEAD with the GUI being 
redesigned. So, if much has changed from 1.4, the above paragraph
might be false (and it would be worse).

Still, this will pose a problem for anyone entering the "translation
scene" afresh, because the Gnome 2.6 will be around 24000 messages,
as compared to around 17000 messages in Gnome 2.4 (not counting any
other proposed module).

Also, when talking of Evolution 1.4, a large number of strings in it
are names of the towns and cities (I guess it's at least 2500
messages), and most of them are really unusable in locales other than
US (I guess those are names of some tiny towns around USA, perhaps
even in UK). You can check this for yourself while looking through
translations (check some who don't use latin alphabet, like Chinese,
Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian -- so you could more easily notice that
those names are not translated).

This is definitely a wasted effort for translators: users will not
need names of towns other than those they have heard of, and they're
more likely to need towns that are not in that list (eg. tiny towns
in their own country of residence).

So, if we're not planning on extending the locations list with
another 10 thousand strings (to make everybody happy :), I think all
the unknown cities and towns should be dropped (this would probably
make it a list of 500 entries, instead of 2500+).

Take into account that I am not arguing against including Evolution:
I just want us to take everything into account, and perhaps make it
better along the way.


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