Re: No Flags "Policy"


> Sure, because the software isn't doing the right thing. But you're going to
> get bug reports saying lots of silly stuff.
I know. I already got a couple of them. And I expect more. 
But this does not mean I should provoke them, does it?:)

> Why should "show flags" be a preference? It's not preferential at all; it
Really? Why? What's bad about this choice? Some users (unhappy with
flags, or having color blindness, or ... just having personal/political
problems with their own government and their own state) - want to see
just label there. And others (like me) want to see flags. The ratio can
be 40/60 or 60/40 or 20/80 or ... depending on the country, layouts
combination ... How would you resolve this situation? How would you
provide users with the best of two world (labels and flags)?

> should just work, or not work, as the case may be. Is there any fundamental
> reason why this choice should be foisted on users?
The only reason is that different users want different things. Is this
reason not fundamental enough? Historically, gswitchit had no labels at
all for some very long while. And then I started getting more and more
contributed "flags" which were just rendered labels. And at some point I
decided - it's time to support labels (this decision was also influenced
by discussion at d-d-l).


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