PROPOSAL: gksu for authentication

Hi there,

  just talking with some #gnome-hackers about the new gksu library.

WHAT is it?

gksu was a cute small authentication tool (provides "run as"
functionality). It's developers were working to create a library from
the client and extracted all the important stuff into that library.

HOW to get it?

CVS: "gksu-lib" branch.

Apt-get (debian):
deb ./
deb-src ./

Source packages:

WHY should we have it in GNOME?

We should start to provide "run as" functionality in several parts of
the desktop. The first part should be the run dialog. The next big one
was Nautilus with "open folder as ...". You may find more...

I basically would like to see the next panel depending on gksu and
starting the run as stuff like we start the gsearchtool nowadays.

gksu is well maintained and actively developed for almost 2 years now is
is really stable (at least for me).

Sven Herzberg <herzi gnome-de org> · Jabber: herzi jabber org
GNOME Deutschland                  ·

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