Re: Desktop and Pilot

Not really complaining, just curious.

I upgraded to 2.4 and noticed the lack of Pilot. Like I said, Evo seems to replace it, but is an "all in one" approach that I personally don't love.

I'm also looking for a way to get my toes wet in the world of Gnome desktop. Building an app to replace the Pilot organizer may be big, may be too big, or may be simply updating the old one. So, I'm trying to get a feel for the project and the need for it.

I, of course, don't care to make something work that only a few people want to use.

Tom L

On 11/11/03 15:09:19, Callum McKenzie wrote:
On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 08:43, Rob Adams wrote:
> Evolution pilot support was horribly broken last time I looked at it
> would duplicate every record every time you sync, so that you end up
> with three copies of each record in both the pilot and evo), and
> gnome-pilot is still really hard to get going for USB devices (which
> all of them, these days).  I had just assumed that gnome-pilot was

It all works happily under Fedora (evolution 1.4.5 and gnome-pilot
2.0.10) with the exception of USB device discovery being a bastard
non-existent). According to the ChangeLog gnome-pilot is still getting
some love, so it's not completely dead.

I don't think the original poster was complaining about this bit
just that the rest of GNOME didn't seem to take any advantage of

 - Callum

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