RE: Quick Lounge Applet

Is there any reason why it is not included in gnome-applets or it's functionality incorporated into the panel?

I will have to agree that its functionality should be on the gnome-panel by default. The fact is that the no1 Gnome provider is Fedora/Red Hat and their desktops use the 48pix panel version. Adding app shortcuts on that panel is not very practical for two reasons, no matter if someone uses fedora or not (I don't, and still use the 48pix version of the gnome panel on slackware):

1. The current app icons are too big and so people with 1024x768 or even 800x600 (still at strong at 31% of users: struggle with them. And the point of the matter is, most people do not change their default settings (or they are not allowed to), they use their OSes the way they come to them. Valuable space is taken away from these users at these resolutions.

2. By having the exact same layout and icon size as the foot icon is very difficult to distinguish the difference functionality-wise. Their only difference is the little black arrow on top of the foot/red-hat icon. There should be a more strong distinction, and a 22x22 and/or 16x16 icon size for a two store collection of app shortcuts can do the trick much better IMHO.

I use Quick Lounge as it is the only one doing that job, but it has bugs. If it is to be included on Gnome 2.6 it has to be straighten out. On Slackware it just doesn't behave (I can't add new shortcuts with the normal way, it only works when I drag-n-drop them from the gnome menu)....



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