Re: Desktop and Pilot

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 08:43, Rob Adams wrote:
> Evolution pilot support was horribly broken last time I looked at it (it
> would duplicate every record every time you sync, so that you end up
> with three copies of each record in both the pilot and evo), and
> gnome-pilot is still really hard to get going for USB devices (which is
> all of them, these days).  I had just assumed that gnome-pilot was dead.

It all works happily under Fedora (evolution 1.4.5 and gnome-pilot
2.0.10) with the exception of USB device discovery being a bastard (i.e.
non-existent). According to the ChangeLog gnome-pilot is still getting
some love, so it's not completely dead.

I don't think the original poster was complaining about this bit though,
just that the rest of GNOME didn't seem to take any advantage of Pilots.

 - Callum

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