Re: Desktop and Pilot

Evolution pilot support was horribly broken last time I looked at it (it
would duplicate every record every time you sync, so that you end up
with three copies of each record in both the pilot and evo), and
gnome-pilot is still really hard to get going for USB devices (which is
all of them, these days).  I had just assumed that gnome-pilot was dead.

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 11:39, tom wrote:
> It appears to me that Pilot and other PDA support is shrinking as we  
> move into Gnome 2.4. The conduits are maintained, and Evo synchs up,  
> but nothing else seems to have the same functionality.
> Evo is great, but I prefer Balsa for mail.
> Did the other Gnome address books, Pilot, etc functions die out? Am I  
> just missing something?
> Should I just bite my tongue and use Evo for organizing and Balsa for  
> mail ;o)
> Thanks!
> Tom Lamm

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