Re: Sound events and GnomeMeeting

Really esd (and arts) needs to go the way of the dodo.  ALSA is the

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 06:12, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Hello to all,
> Several users have been requesting a better support for sound events and
> events in general in GnomeMeeting. For example, when GnomeMeeting
> receives an incoming call, "festival" could be used to read the caller
> name and plays it through the speakers.
> Currently, GnomeMeeting only supports very basic sound events
> configurable through the GNOME Control Center. You certainly know that 
> such sound events will be played through ESD (or directly in the
> speakers), which can be a problem for KDE users (Arts) and which is a
> problem in general with GnomeMeeting because GnomeMeeting permits you to
> choose your audio output device and because of that, users are in
> general expecting the sound to be played through the audio output device
> they have selected, which is not the case using the standard sound
> events management.
> My question is thus: would it be opposed to the usability guidelines or
> GNOME policies if I was adding a section in the preferences for events
> permitting the user to choose a sound to play or a command to execute
> when event X happens? It would certainly break consistency (central
> configuration of sound events), but I think that is needed if I want to
> add things like "execute command when event x happens". Any idea or
> comments on how I should proceed?
> Thank you, 

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