RE: Proposing libgnomesu for inclusion in Gnome 2.6

Sven Herzberg wrote:
>   well, the people working on gksu are currently creating 
> their own library for login/auth stuff. I would prefer this 
> library because it's actively developed (by a team of 
> currently 4 people). I know that Hongli didn't have time to 
> create a proper website/cvs repo for libgnomesu because he 
> was too busy at school and I wouldn't want to see a mostly 
> unmaintained module in GNOME (Hongli, this is not against you).

I'd like to see a real list and discussion of the advantages/disadvantages
of each one. I believe that Hongli's library was written in response to
previous discussions.
>   The gksu people are currently discussing whether they 
> should provide some kind of login-deamon that enables 
> password-less access for 15 minutes if the authentication was 
> okay. This might be a nice step towards a simple, easy and 
> fast su-component for GNOME because the user doesn't 
> automatically have to enter the password each time.

RedHat do something similar. There's some kind of extra authentication key
involved but I forget the details. Somebody mentioned it on irc once.

Can't we just get a simple API into GNOME 2.6 and improve the imlementation
later? If some make_me_root() function asks the user every time in GNOME 2.6
but only asks the first time in GNOME 2.8, then that's just a feature
improvement without API change. Remember, if the library exists then we can
put it into GNOME 2.6. If it doesn't yet exist then we can't put it in.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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