RE: Proposing libgnomesu for inclusion in Gnome 2.6

Am Mi, den 12.11.2003 schrieb Murray Cumming Comneon com um 11:19:
> Sven Herzberg wrote:
> I'd like to see a real list and discussion of the advantages/disadvantages
> of each one. I believe that Hongli's library was written in response to
> previous discussions.

List info for the gksu-development list are here [1].
> Can't we just get a simple API into GNOME 2.6 and improve the imlementation
> later? If some make_me_root() function asks the user every time in GNOME 2.6
> but only asks the first time in GNOME 2.8, then that's just a feature
> improvement without API change. Remember, if the library exists then we can
> put it into GNOME 2.6. If it doesn't yet exist then we can't put it in.

The code does already exist it's just in the gksu executable module and
is going to be extracted in about one month. The gksu guys are currently
discussing api and feature issues. So we should try to get into that and
try to support them to create a library with all the neccessary stuff
for 2.6.


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