RE: Quick Lounge Applet

Il mar, 2003-11-11 alle 23:57, Eugenia Loli-Queru ha scritto:
> >Is there any reason why it is not included in gnome-applets or it's 
> >functionality incorporated into the panel?
> I will have to agree that its functionality should be on the gnome-panel by 
> default. The fact is that the no1 Gnome provider is Fedora/Red Hat and their 
> desktops use the 48pix panel version. Adding app shortcuts on that panel is 
> not very practical for  two reasons, no matter if someone uses fedora or not 
> (I don't, and still use the 48pix version of the gnome panel on slackware):
> 1. The current app icons are too big and so people with 1024x768 or even 
> 800x600 (still at strong at 31% of users: 
> struggle with them. And the 
> point of the matter is, most people do not change their default settings (or 
> they are not allowed to), they use their OSes the way they come to them. 
> Valuable space is taken away from these users at these resolutions.
> 2. By having the exact same layout and icon size as the foot icon is very 
> difficult to distinguish the difference functionality-wise. Their only 
> difference is the little black arrow on top of the foot/red-hat icon. There 
> should be a more strong distinction, and a 22x22 and/or 16x16 icon size for 
> a two store collection of app shortcuts can do the trick much better IMHO.
> I use Quick Lounge as it is the only one doing that job, but it has bugs. If 
> it is to be included on Gnome 2.6 it has to be straighten out. On Slackware 
> it just doesn't behave (I can't add new shortcuts with the normal way, it 
> only works when I drag-n-drop them from the gnome menu)....

this is fixed in CVS, I'll do a new release as soon as possible.

> Rgds,
> Eugenia
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