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Il mar, 2003-11-11 alle 21:03, Erick Woods ha scritto:
> Hey all,


> I don't know what the status is of the Quick Lounge Applet are, but this
> seems to be a need that is filled over and over.  This is the 2nd and
> perhaps 3rd applet of this type.  Is there any reason why it is not included
> in gnome-applets or it's functionality incorporated into the panel?

I'm for including it in the applets that are shipped with the
gnome-panel (like the notification area, the clock, etc.) this is
because there are some major problems with QL at the moment that can be
fixed only incorporating it into the panel:

1) in order to make the applications launched with QL to have session
management support you need to make the applet a shared lib, but this
makes the applet not localizable, that is the labels will be always
displayed in english.

2) lack of consinstency between the launchers on the panel and the
launchers in QL.

3) QL cannot handle action buttons.

> I know it's up to the project maintainer to suggest things for inclusion
> into GNOME, but I thought it would be interesting to see some discussion
> about this particular applet.  It can be found at:

I think that QL can be included in GNOME only if it's incorporated in
the panel, so it's not only up to me but even the gnome-panel mantainer
have to agree with this inclusion

> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
> Erick Woods
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