Re: About Panels - aka lynching time

+++ Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 06:23:59PM -0500 +++
Curtis C. Hovey e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
> On a similar note on branding sensativity, GM didn't learn a lesson from
> marketing the Nova in Mexico.

No surprise, because the Nova's alleged marketing-related failure in
Latin American countries is an urban legend which has unfortunately
been propagated in marketing textbooks all around the world.

What definitely went wrong was the attempted launch of "Cue"
toothpaste in Quebec in the 1960s.

Wer Warsteiner als Bier bezeichnet, glaubt auch an Bielefeld.
                                                   -- Sven Höhne in dtj

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