default gconf backend cut over


I changed over the default to the new backend. 

Stuff to consider:

 1. I *strongly* suggest you back up ~/.gconf, especially the 
    Evolution and Epiphany bits that contain real data, or you 
    could be unhappy

 2. If you lose data or settings, tar up ~/.gconf *immediately*
    and get it attached to a bugzilla report. Also include 
    anything in /var/log/messages, and if you had a backup of ~/.gconf, 
    include that.

 3. If you lose data your old config may be in ".bak" files, though 
    these will get nuked the _second_ time you lose the same file ;-)

This is sort of an inherently painful change, because any bug no matter
how small can make the whole desktop blow up, so bear with us.


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