Re: Problems with Gnome-session, metacity, keybindings, etc


You should post "how to use gnome" questions to gnome-list gnome org
rather than this list.

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 15:40, Khiraly wrote:
> - How can I put Xmms to the upper panel (menu bar)? It does not let me
> put there any 
>   other application, too. 

Can't do this. Try the CD player applet.

> - Hogyan lehet, hogy az eger 6. gombjara ikonizalja az egermutato alatti
> ablakot? (7-re jo lenne 
>  ha maximalizalna.) 
> - How can I assign iconizing the window under the mouse cursor to the
> sixth mouse button? 
>   It would be comfortable to be it maximalized at 7. 

You can't do this.

> These run under sawfish that I've been using since 2 years. But I see no
> themes going out for 
> it, so I would be satisfied by metacity, since it is the base for Gnome2
> (only these should I 
> get to run). 

You could continue to use sawfish, should work fine.

> - There is not an icon for every opne application at the lower panel
> bar. Where can I set this? 

Add To Panel -> Utility -> Window List

> - When starting Gnome (startx) it neglects the .xdefaults. file. I have
> meticulously created 
> the file .xdefaults manually and it's size is a couple of kilobytes. I
> have set the fonts to be used 
> on my terminal (rxvt), set the colors, redefined the colors of every
> application etc. 
> How can I get Gnome to load the file .xdefaults? 

Use .Xresources; .Xdefaults is only read if no resources have been set.


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