Re: gnome-themes-extras in GNOME 2.4

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 11:23:56AM +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote: 
> > It's easy enough to switch some themes if we decide that, say, Gorilla
> > would be more useful or appealing to our users than Grand Canyon. (I
> > would support the replacement of Grand Canyon with Gorilla, anyway.)
> > gnome-themes should only have about 6 themes in it, max.
> If they're all good and all maintained, I don't see the problem with
> having more than that. What harm does it do? Longer download times?
> Assuming they're a good balance and they all "feel" worthwhile.

Too many items in the theme prefs dialogue. I'd certainly lean towards
having 6 or 7 of the best / most usable, and letting interested users
discover more if they care about it (we ought to make that process easier
too, but that's a whole other conversation).

Already in my list, I have:

  Grand Canyon
  High Contrast
  High Contrast Inverse
  Large Print
  Ocean Dream
  Smokey Blue

All of these, other than Dubcurve (which is Bluecurve + GNOME and Flat Blue
icons) come with GARNOME (not necessarily by default, though). With all the
thumbnails, that makes for a pretty long list, and it's only 13.

Maybe the theme dialogue just doesn't scale well, and we could have that
many themes if it did?

- Jeff

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