Re: [Usability]A Tale of a Toolbar editor

Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:

4. There should be graceful handling of the situation where there's an
large number of toolbar items. I feel the Epiphany style is OK for a
small number of items, but it might be pretty unweildy for a large
number of tool items (say, 100 or so). Besides, D&D for customization is
pretty overrated IMO. It migtht make a cool GUI gimmick but makes life
difficult for users of more complicated apps like office suites and
IDEs. It is also difficult to make it a11y friendly I think. I
personally think the OpenOffice 'Tools->Configure' thing is pretty cool
since it brings menu editing, toolbar and toolbar item customization,
keyboard shortcuts and user-defined event macros under one consistent
GUI. Here're the screenies:

Fwiw, I think that the anjunta case is pretty specialize and that you guys should design a custom editor specific to your design (as you have). For general desktop apps (aimed at users not developers), the epiphany design is much more reasonable and usable. Oh yeah and drag and drop for toolbar editing is very good ui and we should totally stick with it.


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