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So I mailed the sun team that is working on mozilla accessibility. 
Good news.

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Hi Marco,

Thanks for your being interested in Mozilla Accessibility.
You are right. The Gtk2 Mozilla Accessibility does not work in gtkmozembed for now. But I think, it is very possible to work for that purpose with limited changes in both gtkmozembed and mai code. Although we have no immediate plan about it, I think it is very important and someones (including us) will do it in the near future.


Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

Hi guys,

it appears that your accessibility work on gtk2 mozilla works only in
mozilla-the-browser and not in gtkmozembed.If I read the code correctly
it's hooked up only for mozilla toplevel windows.
Is there any plan to make it work also in embedding applications ? Is
that even possible ?

Thanks for any feedback


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