Re: gcalctool v4.2.65 hopefully ready for prime time.

Release announcements are usually sent to gnome-announce-list gnome org
you might want to send this message there specially if you want people
to test it and file bugs.


On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 10:16, Rich Burridge wrote:
> Hi all,
> gcalctool v4.2.65 codenamed "prime time wannabe" is now available.
> gcalctool is a desktop calculator with basic, financial and scientific
> modes. It uses an internal multiple precision package to do its arithmetic 
> to give a high degree of accuracy.
> Since the last announcement on 30th January, a lot of work has been done
> to tie off all the loose ends. Extensive online help is now present
> (thanks to Breda McColgan). The tooltip help messages have been reduced
> in size accordingly. In writing the documentation, Breda found a few
> buglets that I've fixed.
> So we believe gcalctool is ready for prime time.
> Could folks please check out the "gcalctool" module from CVS head and
> give us feedback. 
> In particular, could the GNOME PowersThatBe(TM) let us know if there are 
> any bugs or issues that need to be resolved in order to consider gcalctool 
> as the calculator candidate for GNOME 2.[3,4].
> Have at it. Comments to me and/or to the desktop-devel mailing list.
> Bugs into Bugzilla against "gcalctool".
> Thanks.
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