gcalctool v4.2.65 hopefully ready for prime time.

Hi all,

gcalctool v4.2.65 codenamed "prime time wannabe" is now available.

gcalctool is a desktop calculator with basic, financial and scientific
modes. It uses an internal multiple precision package to do its arithmetic 
to give a high degree of accuracy.

Since the last announcement on 30th January, a lot of work has been done
to tie off all the loose ends. Extensive online help is now present
(thanks to Breda McColgan). The tooltip help messages have been reduced
in size accordingly. In writing the documentation, Breda found a few
buglets that I've fixed.
So we believe gcalctool is ready for prime time.
Could folks please check out the "gcalctool" module from CVS head and
give us feedback. 

In particular, could the GNOME PowersThatBe(TM) let us know if there are 
any bugs or issues that need to be resolved in order to consider gcalctool 
as the calculator candidate for GNOME 2.[3,4].

Have at it. Comments to me and/or to the desktop-devel mailing list.
Bugs into Bugzilla against "gcalctool".


Rich Burridge                       Email: rich burridge Sun COM
Sun Microsystems Inc. (MPK29-202),  Phone: +1.650.786.5188
4150 Network Circle,                AIM/YAHOO: RicBurridge
Santa Clara, CA 95054               WWW: http://java.sun.com/people/richb/

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