Re: GEP 9: merging bonobo-activation & libbonobo

Hi Michael,

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 03:09, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi guys,
> 	I've added a new GEP to propose this; it's short enough for lightening
> reading:
> 	Comments welcome,

	I think it would be worthwhile to cc this to another list. There would
be a lot of people with opinions on this but not on
gnome-components-list. I've cc-ed desktop-devel-list.

	You say "two seperate modules creates more problems than it solves".
The two problems that you give are "packaging is hard" and "I want to
use BonoboObject. Are there no other problems ?

	I'm not sure either of these or really good reaons for merging the two
and thus forcing people to use libbonobo where they may just want
bonobo-activation. But then again, bonobo-activation hasn't seen much
use without libbonobo.

	FWIW, the GObject adaptor would provide a solution to the "I want to
use BonoboObject part". Granted its not finished, but I'm willing to do
the last bit of work required ...

Good Luck,

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