Re: gcalctool v4.2.65 hopefully ready for prime time.

Ole Laursen <olau hardworking dk> wrote:
> Screenshots? (There's no Debian package yet.)

You can see screenshots of v4.2.43 at:

Somebody (in France) contacted me last week on IRC about making a 
Debian package. That should be happening I believe this week.

Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> wrote:
> Release announcements are usually sent to gnome-announce-list gnome org
> you might want to send this message there specially if you want people
> to test it and file bugs.

Understood. I will do another announcement to gnome-announce-list
when I've taken a round of feedback informally. v4.2.43 was announced
that way at the end of January. I'm looking for folks for now who are
willing to just check it out of CVS.


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