Re: gnome and gettext

sön 2003-07-27 klockan 19.41 skrev Christophe Fergeau:
> I'm trying to take care of
> before the string
> freeze, but I had some concerns about it. I try to get more information
> about that on irc, but didn't get a definitive answer, so I'm asking
> here.
> Can GNOME libs assume that a "new enough" (one which supports ngettext
> for example) gettext is installed? 

I don't think we can. I think we need to explicitly require it or use
ifdef:s to specialcase the situation where ngettext functionality is
present. I think the latter was the proposed solution at GU4DEC
I admit I'm not very knowledgeable about the details though, and I've
tried to raise the issue in


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