Re: clock applet "fix"


> > On the issue of Memory usage, does anyone know what this 700k is used
> > for? Could it easily be slimmed down?
> Most likely it can't be easily reduced, as people have tried. It may
> be not-easily reduced. ;-)
> Just run memprof... memprof on gnome-hello gives around 650K.
> Font information is clearly the largest chunk. Which means you get
> more memory usage if you install more fonts.

Also some memory goes into computing tables for things like GdkRGB or
other cached data, locale data, input methods, and plenty of other
goodies.  Not to mention that this adds startup time and trashing for
little gain.

I would not like to see the applet become a process, but it is still
worth investigating how to improve the default working set of a Gnome

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