Re: clock applet "fix"


Here are the reasons I'm against your patch, perhaps not all of them are

* concept
As I understood, the clock applet becomes more independend from the
panel. If either crashes/hangs, the other will keep going.

The clock never crashed on me since I use gnome ( starting with 1.0 ).
Also, if an applet crashes, I get a gnome dialog saying it died
unexpectedly, should I add it back to panel? ( _this_ is a good solution

Panel hangs - it shouldn't. Panel it's a very important component of
gnome desktop. Let's fix that instead of trying to make pieces of gnome
work without the panel.

* more code / memory use.
I'm also a developer and i love having as little code as possibile. More
code = more time maintaining it, more possibilities to get errors. While
this patch adds only a few lines of code, it's good without them too. 
Memory - hp said about 700k. Even 1k extra it's not acceptable. Lots of
1k hacks results in megabytes. 

I'm also selling Linux to companies desktops and I often get complaints
it loads much slower than MS Windows and that it consumes more memory.
Every piece of memory saved it's welcome.

Marius Andreiana
Soluţii informatice bazate pe Linux / Linux-based IT solutions

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