Re: What libs make GNOME GNOME2

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 21:16, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> I'm not sure this is appropriate, "GNOMEness" means more than just use of
> libraries. That's why I said "appropriate use of GNOME platform libraries"
> before. For instance, an application may just use GTK+, libglade, GConf and
> gnome-vfs, and it could be a perfectly GNOMEy program.

Yes that is how I started with the issue.  Medusa must work well with
the desktop to be useful.  I choose GConf to store user settings since
it is a user app now, I'm tinkering with gnome-vfs because that is how
other applications can access it's data, and I think bonobo is a good
way to embed it into other tools that need specialized queries.

I think that GNOME libs are a set of solutions that common problems that
apps must solve.  There isn't however a doc explaining that if I need to
tackle a storage problem, consider gnome-vfs, gnome-db, or GConf, or
what I'm storing my best be managed by libxml2 instead of GTree from
GLib.  It would help developers to have some docs that help define a
development process that illustrates GNOME's strengths.  

A good example of this problems is libglade, touted by many as the right
way to make a view that can be exchanged for another, but save for a
developerworks article, all I find are code examples in a half a dozen
languages telling my how to make an interface with code.  I'd like to
see something that says, understand the users' needs, use glade to make
an interface.  Test it against HIG, and with the users.  Use libglade in
your controler to access the view.  Create new views for new groups of
users if necessary, and update the controler.

This is a visual problem in my head.  I'll try to illustrate this after
I settle some other tasks I have.

> It's kind of hard to define in absolute terms at the moment, which is a bit
> of a problem in itself. Kind of. At least to developers who think "I want to
> write a GNOME program, how do I do that?" it's a problem. :-)

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