Re: What libs make GNOME GNOME2

<quote who="Curtis C. Hovey">

> A good measure.  GNOME2 is defined as being API/binary compatible with
> it's minor numbers. 2.0 might be a better measure, 2.3 is gravy.

The developer platform is largely the same, however. Very few API additions,
and no substantial module changes (linc was internalised, but that's about

> I'd like to keep the number of flames I receive for rating something as
> GNOME2 to a minimum.  Having gnome_program_init get's a binding 1 star,
> 2 stars for a up to half the libs bound, 3 for the binding that does
> more.  No half stars, no extra stars.  a simple measure to catch the
> reader's eye.  A brief description would be needed to describe the
> binding's strengths.

I'm not sure this is appropriate, "GNOMEness" means more than just use of
libraries. That's why I said "appropriate use of GNOME platform libraries"
before. For instance, an application may just use GTK+, libglade, GConf and
gnome-vfs, and it could be a perfectly GNOMEy program.

It's kind of hard to define in absolute terms at the moment, which is a bit
of a problem in itself. Kind of. At least to developers who think "I want to
write a GNOME program, how do I do that?" it's a problem. :-)

- Jeff

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